paramotot extreme

Paramotoring is an extreme sport

Sitting in a little seat flying around like a bird. This is definitely an extreme sport and you, as an individual, will have to decide if you are willing to take the risk of injury or possibly fatal injury. I personally have excepted the risk of paramotoring. I love to fly. I have owned two airplanes a Cesena 421 and a Glassair III experimental aircraft. Paramotoring has been the most fun and less to maintain.

I have over 1000 hours of paramotoring now. I had my first injury after about 300 hours. I broke my leg. Still have 4 titanium screws in my ankle. I was flying the EC Extreme from Poland and the harness broke in flight. Two days later my freind started his EC Extreme up and his hand went through the strings pulled across the cage for safety and cut his thumb off. While I was laid up healing, I designed the Renegade paramotor.

My one thumded Buddy and I are back flying like birds with the Renegade.

I am a strong advocate for good netting. I personally have lost my right brake line through the strings pulled across the cage. It was a fast ride back to the ground. No injury on that episode. I think strings pulled across a cage frame do not have sufficient protection. I have pretty good netting on my design. I will never tell you it is safer. I prefer to say it is maybe a little less dangerous. You decide. It is your ass.

From here, if you are willing to take the risk of paramotor flying, I will show you my paramotor design that I feel is a little less dangerous than some other designs. Keep in mind this is an experimental aircraft. Fly at your own risk.

Rick Hunts