paramotot extreme

At this time you can buy a complete Renegade paramotor set up with high hang points and Moster engine for $4900. Total weight 62.2 pounds ready to fly. Or you can buy the Renegade Golden Eagle set up with low bars for $5200 ready to fly.


renegade front renegade back

Complete frame packages are available. They incude :Harness, Carabineers, Fuel line, in-line primer bulb, auxiliary kill switch, Fuel tank and more. $1400 for high hang points or $1700 for the Renegade Golden Eagle low bars.

If from the photos above if you took out the engine, prop, and throttle, you would see a complete frame package for a high hang point Renegade.


hoop hoop button

Photos above are of one of six identical hoop sections. $50 each



Spokes are in three sizes. Top longer, Middle medium, Bottom short. $50 each.

If you wanted to have extra frame parts it is recommended to have one hoop section and one top spoke piece. The top longer spoke can be cut with hack saw see fit in any position.



Seen here is the body of the Renegade. Not included in this photo is the auxiliary kill switch and the special mounting plates for the Black Devil engine. $250


fuel tank fuel tank flat

The fuel tank comes complete with cap, and fuel pick up assembly. $200


nett assembly

The complete net assembly $350